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Karnataka Governor Is Left Behind by an AirAsia Flight; Airlines Launch an Investigation

After a Bengaluru-Hyderabad flight left the gate without the Karnataka Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot, AirAsia opened an investigation. Mr. Gehlot had already checked in his luggage and was waiting in the airport lounge. But before he could get to the boarding gate, the aircraft took off for Hyderabad.
The Governor’s staff reported this as a procedural violation to the Kempegowda International Airport police station.

According to sources, Mr. Gehlot was scheduled to drive to Raichur to attend a convocation before taking a flight to Hyderabad on Thursday afternoon from Terminal 2.

After a thorough inquiry, the airlines stated that they deeply regret the occurrence and will take the necessary action.

We deeply regret what happened. There is an inquiry going on, and the proper steps will be taken. In order to address the issues, the airline’s senior leadership team is in touch with the governor’s office, according to a statement from AirAsia.

We continue to uphold the strictest professional standards and adhere to protocol, and we cherish our working relationship with the Governor’s Office very much. airlines reported.

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