Anti-Terror Agency Officials Attacked, Their Vehicle Vandalised In Bengal

Anti-Terror Agency Officials Attacked, Their Vehicle Vandalised In Bengal

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA), a counterterrorism organization, came under attack this morning while conducting a raid in Bengal’s East Midnapore district. One NIA officer was hurt in the incident, which occurred in the Bhupatinagar neighborhood of East Midnapore. As part of their ongoing investigation into a bomb blast case that shook the area in 2022, the NIA team had traveled to Bhupatinagar with the intention of conducting a raid. A hostile mob unexpectedly confronted them as they started their search. As the crowd attacked the NIA officers, the situation swiftly became more violent and resulted in property damage, including the breaking of a car’s windscreen.

According to the police, the NIA team had earlier in the day arrested two individuals linked to the bomb blast case and was en route to Kolkata when their vehicle was besieged by locals. The villagers reportedly surrounded the vehicle and launched a barrage of stones, resulting in injuries to one NIA officer.

“Locals gheraoed the vehicle and pelted stones at it. The NIA has said one of its officers was also injured,” a senior police official said, as quoted by news agency PTI. 

Following the incident, a large police contingent was dispatched to the scene to bring the situation under control.

The backdrop of this incident traces back to December 3, 2022, when a devastating explosion killed three individuals in a kutcha house in Bhupatinagar. Subsequently, the NIA took charge of the investigation of the case.

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