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CA Deendayal Agarwal Has Been Presented as the Eminent Speaker at the 2023 Business Conference Organized by Fame Finders

The 2023 Business Conference and Awards, organized by Fame Finders, took place at the India International Center in Delhi. Throughout the day-long event, speakers, policymakers, businessmen, investors, and participants from all over the country expressed their thoughts. The main objective of the event was to promote the G20 Summit being held in India and discuss contributions from the business community.

Various eminent speakers from diverse industries graced the event with their presence. CA Deendayal Agarwal was among them. He is the founder of the CSR Research Foundation, Former Director of the Bank of Maharashtra. He served in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Northern India Regional Council. He has over 2 decades of consulting experience in banking, media, academia, and non-governmental organizations.

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