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Champion of Change: The Remarkable Story of Prof. Dr. Pauline Long FIIM

Her Excellency Amb. Prof Dr Pauline Long FIIM is an esteemed figure and recipient of the AUGP Nobel Peace Prize. Her journey to prominence includes prestigious titles such as Europe’s Most Powerful Woman (2017) and Global African Woman of the Year (2022). Prof. Dr. Long’s humanitarian efforts have earned her over 400 awards, including a Lifetime Achievement award from President Joe Biden. As the first AGN International Consultant, she revolutionizes the African film industry and funds humanitarian initiatives spanning two decades. Prof. Dr. Long serves as a global ambassador for peace and empowerment, advocating for leadership, education, and gender equality.

Through platforms like the Pauline Long Show, she amplifies marginalized voices and addresses global issues. As the founder of BEFFTA and other initiatives, she empowers individuals across diverse sectors. Her commitment to youth education is evident in initiatives like the Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation. Prof. Dr. Long’s future vision includes building community centers, mentoring future leaders, and aspiring to become the future president of The Republic Of Kenya, driven by her dedication and faith.

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