Dr. Divya Tanwar: A Changemaker for a Better Society

Dr. Divya Tanwar: A Changemaker for a Better Society

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Prof. (Dr.) Divya Tanwar is an educationist cum social activist, driven by a profound passion for addressing mental health-related issues that are increasingly prevalent in today’s world. As a co-founder of Bonanza Touch, she has wholeheartedly devoted herself to tackling these challenges head-on.

With a distinctive experience as a Professor at the university, teaching Postgraduate students, she deeply recognizes the vital importance of nurturing student well-being and actively seeks to alleviate their mental burdens and career-related concerns. Moreover, Dr. Tanwar’s expertise extends to the realm of cybersecurity, giving her a unique perspective on the impact of technology on the emotional space of both students and women.

As a university professor and co-founder of Bonanza Touch, her impact on society is immeasurable, instilling hope and resilience in the hearts of those she touches, and propelling us toward a brighter and more empathetic future.

Furthermore, Dr. Divya Tanwar is the Chairperson of Divey Foundation, an NGO working for educating and skilling underprivileged girls and women. Her dedication to making a positive impact on society extends even further as a social worker. By imparting knowledge and skills to those in need, she strives to empower individuals and communities, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty and achieve personal growth.

As a social worker, Dr. Tanwar embodies the spirit of service and altruism, working tirelessly to bridge the gap between privilege and disadvantage. She understands that education is a fundamental tool for social transformation and that nurturing a sense of community and support can strengthen the fabric of society. Dr. Tanwar’s holistic approach to fostering a better society involves not only addressing mental health and education but also advocating for social justice and equality.

Through her roles as a co-founder, professor of National Education Policy, cybersecurity expert, and social worker, Dr. Divya Tanwar embodies a true changemaker. Her tireless efforts in addressing mental health-related issues, supporting students, understanding technology’s impact, and teaching the underprivileged highlight her as a multifaceted force for positive change. Her contributions undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, inspiring others to join in the mission of building a brighter and more harmonious world for all.

Currently, Prof. (Dr.) Divya Tanwar is the Executive Editor of CORPORATE INSIGHTS, a monthly bilingual magazine, and the Vice President of Indian American Chamber of Commerce.

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