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Driving Innovation: Nagendra Prasad Nonavinakere to Inspire as Eminent Speaker at Global Research Conference

Nagendra Prasad Nonavinakere Anantharamaiah is a highly experienced Technology Consultant with nearly 30 years of expertise in Development & Testing. His career spans global organisations, where he led product development in embedded systems, covering mobile devices, in-vehicle infotainment, and cellular base stations. Specializing in Automotive Testing for over 11 years, Nagendra excels in verification and validation processes, earning recognition such as a USPTO patent (Patent9983969) for Test Automation in Embedded systems.

His contributions extend to the IoT domain, evident in patent applications submitted to the Indian Patent Office in 2020. Honoured at the Parliament of London in 2023, Nagendra is celebrated for his impactful work in Technology and Innovation, particularly in the Mobile and Automotive industries. He also continues to deliver transformative solutions as a dedicated Technology Consultant.

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