Empowering Lives Through Knowledge: The Inspiring Journey of Meeta Desai, Founder of StrongRoots

Empowering Lives Through Knowledge: The Inspiring Journey of Meeta Desai, Founder of StrongRoots

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Meeta Desai, based in Ahmedabad, India, is the driving force behind StrongRoots – Empowering Knowledge, drawing from 16 years of rich experience as a Speaker, Mentor, Coach, and Trainer. Her paramount objective revolves around mentoring individuals and fostering global knowledge empowerment, both in physical and virtual realms.

She ardently champions the notion that while hard skills pave the way for opportunities, it’s the finesse in soft skills that truly unlocks and guides individuals toward success. Her foundation is robustly built on nurturing individuals, enabling them to unearth their inner brilliance and set ablaze the flames of success within.

At StrongRoots, Meeta is unwavering in her belief that knowledge empowerment should transcend privilege. She’s committed herself to mentoring individuals from diverse backgrounds, extending her guidance even to maids and residents of slums, ensuring they grasp the fundamental principles of self-development.

Meeta’s vision is crystal clear: although she may not cultivate exotic Kadupul or Blue Puya Flowers, or distribute Freesia Flowers, her focus remains on nurturing the emergence of a Lotus from the murky pond of challenges.

An active Awareness Speaker, Meeta engages audiences on critical topics encompassing LGBQT issues, empowerment for girls, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (POSH), and The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO). Her extensive experience spans training special children, instilling in them self-motivation and confidence. Additionally, she’s dedicated her efforts to mentoring a specific group of special girls, nurturing their self-enhancement and motivation despite being blind and mute.

Meeta’s accomplishments extend to overcoming odds in the aviation industry, where she successfully trained and placed clients as Cabin Crew members, breaking height barriers. Her tenacity facilitated the placement of another client as a senior cabin crew member with an esteemed International Airline.

In the glamour industry, Meeta’s expertise shone through as she groomed contestants for Mr. and Miss Gujarat 2009, focusing on communication skills and self-enhancement. Beyond this, she mentored a prominent television celebrity’s family, imparting guidance on party etiquettes, communication skills, and self-enhancement. Her repertoire also includes providing specialized training in speech therapy and language enhancement to a renowned Gujarati movie celebrity.

Her accolades in 2023 speak volumes—being crowned as the Face of WOHA Compassionate Heart in London and securing the Runner-up trophy at Billenium Divas in Mumbai. Additionally, she was honored as the Mentor of the Year by Icons of Asia and Women Leaders Forum. Meeta’s expertise was also recognized as she served on the judging panel at Nirma University for a National Public Speaking Competition.

For further details or to connect with Meeta Desai, visit www.strongroots.in, email info@strongroots.in, or reach out via WhatsApp at +91 8469701120.

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