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Enlightenment Through Education: Dr. S. Vikram Raju to Inaugurate Global Research Conference with Insights on Integrating Vedic Science

Dr. S. Vikram Raju is a distinguished advocate for integrating Vedic Science into modern education, enriching the lives of students worldwide. As the visionary Founder and Director of the Indian Vedic School, he dedicates himself to reviving ancient wisdom from the Vedas and nurturing a deeper comprehension of human existence. Dr. Vikram Raju’s journey from finance to pioneering educator showcases his unwavering commitment to enlightenment.

He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Vedic education from Thames International University of Paris and another in Literature from the University of Central America, Bolivia. Honoured with prestigious awards like the ‘Asia Iconic Award’ and the International Book of Honour, Dr. Vikram Raju’s contributions transcend academia. As a celebrated author and educator, he inspires generations, leaving an enduring imprint on spiritual enlightenment and academic exploration.

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