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Honoring Excellence: Shweta Mahendra’s Guinness World Record Celebration

Congratulations to Shweta Mahendra, we are proud to announce your achievement of being part of the Guinness world record for the Thickest book in the world for book Chapter 23 Positive Change Makers in the World 2023. You are invited to the grand celebration at Lords Cricket Ground in London, United Kingdom on 3rd December 2023

Shweta Mahendra, a transformative leader, empowers women in corporate and personal spheres. Offering guidance and leveraging her experiences, she fosters a balanced approach to professional and family life, advocating for rights and justice. She is a polymath – a Technocrat, an author, has diverse interests in history, archaeology, ancient scripts, sociology, travel, fashion and fitness.

We would be delighted to see you there..
Waiting for your arrival.

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