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Tech Luminary Dr. Divya Tanwar to Inspire at Astroworld 2024: Nurturing Minds for Future Success

The grand event of Astroworld 2024 is set to take place on January 6th, 2024, Saturday, at the prestigious India International Centre in New Delhi. This ceremony aims to celebrate and honor the outstanding contributions of astrologers, palmists, numerologists, tarot card readers, gemologists, graphologists, fortunologists, nameologists, and other luminaries in the astrological realm.

Dr. Divya Tanwar will be the eminent speaker at the event. She is an esteemed cybersecurity expert, and extends her dedication beyond technology to prioritize students’ mental well-being. As a professor, she not only nurtures technological acumen but also fosters emotional resilience, acknowledging the intricate link between emotional well-being and academic success. Dr. Tanwar’s focus on mental health in education reflects her profound understanding of its impact on a student’s holistic development. She integrates cultural wisdom with modern practices, envisioning a society that values its heritage and embraces progress.

As a co-founder of, she pioneers accessible mental health support, creating a vibrant community dedicated to healing, understanding, and resilience, shaping the landscape of mental well-being.

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