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Transformative Wisdom: B.K. Geeta Didi to Illuminate as Eminent Speaker at Global Research Conference

Brahma Kumari Geeta Bahen, a Senior Raja Yoga Teacher at the Mount Abu headquarters, epitomises spiritual wisdom and dedicated service since 1989, mentored by Dadi Prakash Mani Ji. Fluent in English and Hindi, she conducts enlightening classes and workshops globally, spanning over 40 countries. Geeta Didi has earned accolades like the 11th Women National Excellence Award in 2018 and the Shiksha Samaj Rathna Award in 2022.

As an adept speaker, she imparts management programs and stress-free living training to organizations, covering topics from positive thinking to self-empowerment. Geeta Didi’s teachings resonate, fostering inner peace, clarity, and purpose, making her a revered mentor, inspiring hope, resilience, and individual transformation. Beyond spirituality, she actively engages in humanitarian endeavours, emphasising community service. Her impact as a global speaker transcends cultural barriers, touching countless lives and fostering spiritual growth with unwavering dedication and compassionate service.

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