4 Children Killed In Firecracker Explosion At Bundelkhand Festival In UP

4 Children Killed In Firecracker Explosion At Bundelkhand Festival In UP

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Police reported on Thursday that an explosion at Bundelkhand Gaurav Mahotsav in Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, had killed four children and injured several more. The explosion happened during the festival’s fireworks display, according to the police.

“In this, four of our children perished. Bhanu Bhaskar, Additional Director General (ADG), Prayagraj Zone, told reporters at Chitrakoot, “Our forensic team, a team of the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) are also arriving. DIG from Chitrakoot, District Officer Chitrakoot, and SP, Additional SP, among other officials, are on the spot.”

The senior officer said that an FIR has been registered against three people in connection with the incident, and more people are likely to be named in the FIR and that an investigation has begun into the incident.

“FIR has been filed now against about three people and more people will included in it. The investigation is going on,” Additional Director General of Police Bhaskar said.

“We have given the entire investigation to a new investigator, Harsh Pandey, CO, so that we can take it forward with the same seriousness as we were doing, also by coordinating with the teams that are coming in from New Delhi, from Lucknow as well as from Prayagraj and with the teams that are coming from Agra, we will conclude very soon,” he said.

“Since all the facts are being looked over, it would not be appropriate for me to comment on the investigation. The children’s postmortem is incomplete. The senior police official stated, “More people are being questioned, and we are investigating based on the clues they have provided thus far.

A high-level inquiry committee headed by a rank officer additional director general (ADG) has been tasked by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath with looking into the incident. Additionally, he declared ₹ 50,000 in financial aid for the injured and ₹ 5 lakh for the families of the victims.

The victims’ families, whose identities have not yet been made public, are being met by the officials, according to Additional Director General of Police Bhaskar, who also mentioned that the government has promised to compensate the victims’ families.

“Now we are in talks with everyone, our first task was to meet the family members, so till now we met two, we have met a family in Allahabad and also in Prayagraj and after this, we will meet the rest and take necessary action,” he stated.

“Talk of government compensation has been expressed. A decision has been made, and it calls for giving ₹ 5 lakh to each family and the injured parties. Other than that, the remaining procedures are ongoing, so we’ll examine every aspect and get this resolved as soon as possible, according to ADG Bhaskar.

We’re waiting on more information about the incident.

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