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4 Killed After Oil Tanker Hits Car, Pickup Van Near Gurugram: Police

An oil tanker struck a car and a pickup van close to Sidhrawali village in Gurugram on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway on Friday night, killing at least four people, according to police.

Vinod Kumar, the investigation officer at the Bilaspur police station, claims that an oil tanker from Jaipur crashed through the divider and collided with a car. The police stated that the passengers inside were most likely headed to Jaipur. The CNG cylinders inside the car caused it to catch fire.

The three passengers perished in the accident as a result of the collision-caused fire.

The police also stated that the driver of the pickup van died instantly when the oil tanker struck it and collided with it on the highway.

“We have been informed about the collision that happened on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. When we arrived, we discovered that three people had died and that a car had been completely destroyed by fire. Subsequently, we also discovered that the driver of the pickup van died instantly as a result of the oil tanker and van collision,” IO Kumar stated.

“However, the accused driver of the oil tanker fled away, and efforts are underway to catch him,” he stated.

There is currently an ongoing investigation into the matter.

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