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A 6-year-old was electrocuted in Maharashtra after touching a lamp post.

In Vakola, a six-year-old boy was electrocuted to death and another suffered injuries after making touch with a lamp post, according to the police on Saturday.
In contrast to the 5-year-old, whose condition was described as stable, the 6-year-old was reportedly pronounced dead at the hospital.

Teharin Parvin Mohd Iftekhar, a resident of Vakola’s Chaitanya Colony close to the Neha building, was named as the casualty.

According to the police, the incident was reported on Friday at 11:46 p.m.

The toddlers were electrocuted after touching a lamp post and were taken to Mumbai’s VN Desai hospital, where one of them was later pronounced dead, according to the police.

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