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Army Couple, Both Part Of Marching Teams, To Script History On Republic Day

A married couple serving in separate contingents, Major Jerry Blaize and Captain Supreetha CT, are scheduled to march in tomorrow’s Republic Day Parade, marking a significant milestone for the Indian Army. For the first time ever, a couple from the Indian Army will march together along the Kartavya Path as members of two different contingents.

In June 2023, Captain Supreetha CT wed Major Jerry Blaize, a member of the Madras Regiment with a focus on Military Police and originally from Tamil Nadu. Mysore native Captain Supreetha works for the Army Air Defense. The Republic Day Parade has given them a special chance to work together in New Delhi even though they are posted at different locations.

Captain Supreetha said, “Jerry and I have known each other since NCC days,” in an interview with NDTV. Each of us has a different posting. We are fortunate to be here together thanks to the Republic Day Parade. Additionally, we have the opportunity to spend time together.”

Captain Supreetha disclosed that their attendance in the procession was an accident rather than a planned event. Her husband, Major Jerry Blaize, was also chosen from his regiment following her selection in the parade, for which she had first taken a test.

They both expressed how happy they were to be participating in the Republic Day Parade. Captain Supreetha declared, “We have desired to take part in the Republic Day parade since the NCC days. Our shared dream is now becoming a reality. We are overjoyed to see this.

Sharing his inspiration, Major Jerry Blaize stated, “My wife participated in the 2016 Republic Day parade as a member of the NCC contingent. In 2014, I had the privilege of participating in the NCC Republic Day Camp in New Delhi. This served as another source of inspiration for me. I wanted to make my regiment proud on Republic Day 2024 by leading them on the path of duty. My desire is currently being fulfilled.

Major Jerry Blaize responded, “We have had different training,” when questioned about their joint training. We follow a daily schedule. Additionally, drilling requires many hours of work.” “I don’t have that much training because I’m a part of the tableau,” Captain Supreetha continued. However, my spouse received training at the facility.”

Major Jerry Blaize and Captain Supreetha both mentioned how much they anticipate their families being present at the parade to celebrate this historic occasion.

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