Flipkart implements a new rate card policy to improve the vendor experience.


Flipkart implements a new rate card policy to improve the vendor experience.

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Flipkart implements new rate card policy to improve vendor experience.

“These modifications are the direct result of our continuous discussions with our sellers. By lowering complications and assuring clearer settlements, we hope to make conducting business on Flipkart easier and more rewarding,” said Rakesh Krishnan, Vice President and Head of Marketplace at Flipkart. “This rate card makeover is part of Flipkart’s larger effort to simplify procedures and provide strong support to our extensive network of sellers across India. These innovations will make it easier to do business while also increasing potential market reach and customer engagement. With improved perks, we are certain that this project will open up new chances for sellers to succeed and revolutionize the selling experience on our platform.”

A comprehensive teaching effort has been established to ensure that vendors understand the advantages and ramifications of the rate card changes. Flipkart will give recorded explanations of the benefits of the new rate card structure, as well as step-by-step help on how to navigate these changes. Flipkart’s dedicated seller support staff will continue to help merchants make better business decisions. Flipkart hopes to assist sellers in understanding the changes and making educated decisions while maximising their performance on the marketplace by providing informational tools and direct support channels.

Some of the major advantages of the new rate card system include:
Streamlined Rate Card Structure: The new rate card has been streamlined from four components (fixed commission, collection, and shipment) to two (fixed and commission), greatly improving settlement transparency. By streamlining the rate card, Flipkart increases sellers’ ease of doing business, allowing them to focus on their core skills.

Simplified Shipping Costs: With a new shipping policy, Flipkart hopes to increase transparency and fairness in the seller ecosystem. Shipping less than 500g within local and zonal zones will not incur extra expenses. However, a premium will apply for national shipping for categories exceeding the 500g weight barrier.
Equitable and Easy Growth: The new rate card format encourages equitable growth by providing clear cost structures. This adjustment allows sellers to develop their operations and creates a fair playing field in which sellers may prosper.

Making FBF More Economical: Fulfillment by Flipkart (FBF) has emerged as a key component for merchants wishing to expand their business. Flipkart’s new rate card makes FBF more cost-effective by delivering competitive prices and additional features. Flipkart stated that this move will make it easier and more cost-effective for vendors to broaden their reach.

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