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Four people are killed in Uttarakhand as boulders rolling downhill crush vehicles.

Three automobiles were crushed by stones falling from the hills in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, killing four persons and injuring seven more.

After making a trip to Gangotri in Uttarakhand, a party of pilgrims was travelling back to Madhya Pradesh when the accident happened late last evening. Boulders came falling down and landed on the three moving vehicles, each carrying roughly 30 people, as they travelled on the road near to the slope.

According to accounts, a woman is among the deceased, and one of the injured is in critical condition. It has been learned that all of the victims were from Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

The wrecked car carcasses reveal the extent of the accident. A little bus had its side entirely crushed. The two other, smaller cars were also severely damaged.

The most recent addition to the list of north Indian states severely affected by monsoon fury is Uttarakhand. In several areas of the hill states, the excessive rains have caused landslides and swept away bridges.

Dehradun, the state capital, has been urged to close its schools till the weather is better.

Incidences due to the rain have claimed the lives of 30 persons in nearby Himachal Pradesh. The extent of the state’s rain rampage has been illustrated by images of bridges being washed away and cars being sucked up by raging waves.

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