Mobile Phone Charging In House Explodes, Shatters Windows Of Parked Cars

Mobile Phone Charging In House Explodes, Shatters Windows Of Parked Cars

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A bottle of deodorant, a mobile phone on charging mode, and a blast that shattered every window in the vicinity – a strange episode unfolded in Maharashtra’s Nashik on Tuesday. 

In Nashik’s CIDCO Uttam Nagar area, three people were injured when a mobile phone exploded in a house. Right next to the phone, was a deodorant bottle. Being highly inflammable, the bottle caught fire and contributed to an even bigger explosion. 

The blast not only broke the glass and windows inside the house but also shattered every window in its radius. The explosion was so severe, it also broke the windows of the cars in the vicinity. Neighbouring houses also reported broken windows due to the blast.

The three patients who sustained severe burn injuries are receiving medical care in a hospital. The extremely powerful blast is the subject of an inquiry by the police.

Videos of the home and its surroundings display broken furniture as well as metal railings on windows that are dripping with soot and ash.

Battery issues are usually often to blame for smartphone flames and explosions. Lithium-ion batteries, with their precise positive and negative electrode balance, are typically found in modern smartphones. In most cases, too much heat can trigger a volatile reaction that results in an explosion if the batteries are old or defective. If this was really the cause of the explosion, the police are looking into it.

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