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On Camera, Delhi Man Harasses Neighbour, Cops Struggle To Take Him Away

On Wednesday, a woman was seen on camera being harassed and abused by a man in Delhi’s Sabzi Mandi neighbourhood. A man known only as Kapil is seen in the video acting abusively toward a woman who is allegedly his neighbor.

The woman can be seen trying to break free from Kapil’s advances in the incident’s video. She makes an effort to get out of the situation, but Kapil doesn’t change his behavior, and the woman is clearly having difficulty doing so. She is eventually able to escape Kapil’s hold when other people on the street overwhelm him.

Delhi Police moved quickly to contain the situation after learning of the incident and sending officers to the scene. But when it was reported that members of Kapil’s family fought with the police, things got more heated.

Officers from Delhi Police were able to diffuse the situation and file a complaint based on Kusum’s complaint despite the mayhem. The police claim that an investigation has been started and that a case has been filed.

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