Psychological Tests Of Parliament Breach Accused To Ascertain Their Intent

Psychological Tests Of Parliament Breach Accused To Ascertain Their Intent

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Psychoanalysis tests, a crucial evaluation of their behavior that could assist the investigators in determining the intention and motivations behind the smoke scare incident, will be administered to the six accused in the parliament security breach case.

For the test yesterday, one of the six accused was brought to the forensic science lab. One by one, the others will take the test as well.

Psychoanalysis is the term for psychological evaluation, which is applied to undertrials in order to comprehend their routines, behaviors, and habits.

Psychiatrists administer the exams, which are structured as a set of questions and answers. The investigators and psychiatrists attempt to determine the motive behind a crime based on the answers provided by the accused.

This exam is administered at FSL Rohini and the forensic lab of the Central Bureau of Investigation. It lasts roughly three hours.

In the recent murder cases of Shahbad Dairy and Shraddha Walkar, the Delhi Police conducted psychoanalysis on the accused.

In relation to the last week’s smoke scare incident in the parliament, six people have been arrested thus far.

The accused have admitted to police that their goal was to raise awareness of the problems facing farmers, unemployment, and unrest in Manipur. However, police have stated that they are looking into every possibility.

Yesterday, a 15-day police custody period was imposed on the four principal accused who were taken into custody from the parliament complex on December 13. A day later, the purported mastermind turned himself in, while

Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma, who entered the Lok Sabha without permission, Amol Shinde and Neelam Azad, who set off smoke canisters outside the parliament, Lalit Jha, who is thought to have been the mastermind behind the security breach, and Mahesh Kumawat, who is said to have assisted Jha, are among the accused who have been arrested.

Yesterday, Saikrishna Jagali, a tech enthusiast and the son of a retired police officer, was taken into custody in Karnataka. According to sources, Manoranjan named him during the interrogation and he is his friend.

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