Tomato prices are rising quickly nationwide.

Tomato prices are rising quickly nationwide.

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With the produce selling for between 80 and 100 per kg in some areas, tomato costs are burning a hole in the pockets of the average person.
In Delhi, a kilo of tomatoes cost between 90 and 100 rupees on Wednesday.

“In wholesale, tomatoes cost between 60 and 80 kg. People can buy it at retail for between 90 and 100. Because of the rains, prices have increased over the past 10 to 15 days, said Delhi-based tomato vendor Deepak.

The decrease in supply brought on by heatwaves in tomato-growing regions and a lot of rain is the cause of this.

Meanwhile, the common people in Uttar Pradesh are being forced to reduce the amount of food they eat on a daily basis due to the skyrocketing price of tomatoes.

“Tomatoes have reached around 100 per kg,” a seller claimed. Those that require 1 kg purchase 250 grammes. In the past four to five days, tomatoes have increased in price. People’s pockets are being greatly impacted by this.

The cost of tomatoes has suddenly skyrocketed in markets around the nation, going from $10 to $20 per kg to between $80 and $100 per kg. The decrease in supply brought on by heatwaves in tomato-growing regions and a lot of rain is the cause of this.

This year, for a number of reasons, less tomatoes were grown than in previous years, according to Mumbai-based commodity market specialist and chairman of Kedia Advisory Ajay Kedia. Many farmers decided to produce beans this year as a result of the increase in bean prices from the previous year. The crops have dried out and begun to droop due to a lack of monsoon rains, though. Due to agricultural damage brought on by intense heat and heavy rain, there is a limited supply of crops, especially tomatoes.

Delhi resident Mohammad Raju claimed, “Tomato is being sold at a price of 80 per kg,” in a statement to ANI on Tuesday. In the previous two or three days, the pace dramatically increased.

Since the crop has been harmed by constant rain and transportation has become challenging, tomato prices have also surged in the southern state of Karnataka and its capital city Bengaluru.

The price of tomatoes reached 100 per kg in a market in Bengaluru, and the vendors claimed that the crops had been harmed by the heavy rain.

Tomato prices per kilo increased from an average of 25 to 41 in retail marketplaces, according to a database kept by the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Price Monitoring Division. Maximum tomato prices in retail markets ranged from 80 to 113 rupees.

The rates of staple vegetables were in tune with the rise in their prices in wholesale markets, which jumped about 60-70 per cent on average in June.

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