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Amartya Sen, a Nobel Prize winner, describes the uniform civil code as a challenging issue.

Amartya Sen, a Nobel Prize winner, stated on Wednesday that attempts are being made to simplify the “difficult” subject of the Uniform Civil Code.The 90-year-old economist added that there is no doubt that the UCC and the idea of Hindu Rashtra are related.”Uniform Civil Code is a challenging topic.

Now, efforts are being made to make it simple. We are all different from one another. There are variations among religions, as well as variations among laws and practises. We must put aside our differences and come together.

“I read in the press that the Uniform Civil Code shouldn’t be put into effect any longer. Sen told reporters at his residence in this location, “I have no idea where such a ridiculous idea has arisen from.

He replied that the UCC “surely” has connections to the concept of Hindu Rashtra when asked if it does.

“However, Hindu Rashtra is not the only path to advancement… Hinduism is being misapplied, according to the Bharat Ratna recipient.

According to the UCC, all Indian citizens would be subject to the same set of laws on marriage, divorce, and inheritance, regardless of their religion, tribe, or other regional customs.

On June 14, the Law Commission began a new consultation process on UCC by requesting opinions on the politically sensitive matter from stakeholders, including the general public and recognised religious organisations.

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