Assam Congress chief is under arrest warning due to Lord Krishna’s “Love Jihad” Parallel

Assam Congress chief is under arrest warning due to Lord Krishna’s “Love Jihad” Parallel

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On Thursday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that it is terrible for Assam Pradesh Congress President Bhupen Kumar Borah to compare Lord Krishna and Rukmini’s relationship to the so-called “Love Jihad” and that the government will take action against him if a complaint is made.

Mr. Borah courted controversy when he referred to the marriages of Lord Krishna and Rukmini and Dhritarashtra and Gandhari in the epic Mahabharata as “Love Jihad” in response to the Chief Minister’s assertion that the recent triple murder in Assam’s Golaghat was a case of “Love Jihad,” a term frequently used by right-wing politicians to allege a campaign by Muslim men to convert Hindu women by seducing them.

Cross-marriages have been common throughout history, even among kings since the Mahabharata (sic). The primary plot of the Mahabharata is that Gandhari’s parents opposed her union with Dhritarashtra. The marriage between them was compelled by Bhisma Pitamah. Shakuni’s brother was sent in prison, and the mom eventually exacted revenge. That is also jihad in love. Gandhari covered her eyes with a towel since her family protested. Arjun arrived in a separate roop when Krishna arrived to take Rukmini, according to Mr. Borah.

Himanta Biswa Sarma chastised the Congressman for bringing up Lord Krishna in the conversation. He said, “It is against Sanatan Dharma, it is against Hindu Dharma,” and he pleaded with Mr. Borah not to mention Lord Krishna in the argument any more than “we shouldn’t drag Hajrat Mohammad or Jesus Christ” into any theological debate.

“Secondly, what is jihad of love? when a woman is compelled to alter her religion after getting married and is married under a false identity. Rukmini was never requested by Lord Krishna to convert to another faith. Without mentioning Mr. Borah, Mr. Sarma added, “We will have to arrest the guy who has said it if someone files a complaint.

Nazibur Rahman Bora, 25, killed his wife Sanghamitra Ghosh, 24, and her parents on Wednesday before turning himself in to police with their nine-month-old child in his arms.

“Love jihad is entirely the cause of this. The accused is a Muslim while the deceased family comes from a Hindu background. The woman learned to use narcotics when the pair fled to Kolkata, Mr. Sarma claimed during his visit to the victims’ families. He first went by a Hindu name on Facebook.

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