Congress leaders pay tribute to Rajiv Gandhi

Congress leaders pay tribute to Rajiv Gandhi

World Population Day

On this day, the 33rd anniversary of the former Prime Minister’s passing, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu opened an exhibition at the Gaiety Theatre in this city named “Rajiv Gandhi: 21st Century Visionary.”

The Chief Minister spoke fondly of his time as a student and his connections to Rajiv Gandhi through the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) during his speech.

Rajiv Gandhi was commended by Sukhu for his many accomplishments, including the computer revolution and his goal of making India a global leader in the IT industry. He stressed his dedication to women’s emancipation and mentioned the constitutional change that grants them 33% of the seats in PRIs (panchayati raj institutions).

“After 30 years, almost 58 per cent seats have been won by women candidates in the PRIs. Meanwhile, 21 of 34 women have been elected in the Shimla Municipal Corporation election,” he added.

A documentary on Rajiv Gandhi’s life and societal contributions was also shown during the event. The CM presented him with floral tributes at the time.

Pratibha Singh, the state congresswoman, and other leaders previously honoured the former prime minister at the party office. “We will never forget what he gave to the nation and the party. Nobody will ever forget his sacrifice, Pratibha remarked.

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