Congress Puts Bar Codes Behind Chairs For Crowdfunding At Nagpur Rally

Congress Puts Bar Codes Behind Chairs For Crowdfunding At Nagpur Rally

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On Thursday, the Congress instituted bar codes for crowdfunding at a rally in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Following the launch of the Congress Crowdfunding Campaign ‘Donate for Desh’ earlier this month, a barcode was placed behind each chair on the ground, encouraging donations from those in attendance of the ‘Hain Taiyyar Hum’ rally.

A bar code and an image of Rahul Gandhi were on the pamphlet behind the chairs.

The pamphlet said, “Congress needs you in this 138-year struggle for the creation of a better India. You are needed in India. To donate, scan now.

The pamphlet also stated that Rahul Gandhi would be giving five “lucky donors” a donation appreciation certificate out of all the donors.

At the ‘Hain Taiyyar Hum’ rally, Rahul Gandhi expressed his confidence that the national party will emerge victorious in Maharashtra and other states.

This is an ideological battle. Gandhi declared, “Together, we will win elections in Maharashtra and the entire nation.”

During his speech, the leader of Congress also brought up the ongoing conflict between two opposing ideologies in the nation.

“Ideologies are at odds throughout the nation. Although it is a fight for power and politics, as many believe, its core is a conflict between two opposing ideologies. Rahul Gandhi stated, “(Desh mai vichardhaara ki ladai chal rahi hai, logo ko lagta hai rajneetik ladai hai, satta ki ladai hai, vo hai, magar iss ladai ki neev jo hai vo vichardhara hai, do vichardhara hai).

Regarding the ‘Hain Taiyyar Hum’ rally, Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi told ANI, “I think the entire country was watching the Congress party today, and on the day of its foundation day, the party has done a very good job giving the message that we are ready to fight in defense of the Constitution and democratic values of this country.” We are dedicated to helping the nation’s farmers and young people without jobs.”

Regarding the Nagpur gathering, Congressman Jairam Ramesh also told ANI, “Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge today sounded the trumpet for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.” On January 4, 2024, in Delhi, the PCC president and CLP leaders will meet to finalize the itinerary for the Bharat Nyay Yatra, which will begin under Rahul Gandhi’s direction.”

The Congress held the ‘Hain Tayyar Hum’ rally in Nagpur on Thursday to launch its campaign for the Lok Sabha elections of 2024.

On December 28, the Grand Old Party commemorated their 139th Foundation Day.

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