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“Peace will soon return to Manipur, and efforts are being made to punish the accused.” PM Modi in Lok Sabha speech.

Highlights of PM Modi's Lok Sabha speech: "Peace will soon return to Manipur, and efforts are being made to punish the accused."

The people of the conflict-torn northeastern state of Manipur were assured by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday during a debate on a motion of no confidence brought forth by the Opposition against the Centre that peace would soon return as long as the government did everything in its power to punish those responsible. “This Parliament and the nation are behind you. Together, we will discover solutions to this problem, and soon, peace will return. In the Lok Sabha, Modi promised the people of Manipur that the state will once more see growth.

The Prime Minister earlier in his speech attacked the Opposition coalition INDIA’s legitimacy, saying, “Opposition needs ‘NDA’ to keep alive, they merely added two ‘I’s to it owing to their hubris… Everything that Congress has, even its election symbol and ideals, has been stolen from someone else. In the opening statement of his speech, Modi expressed gratitude to the nation’s citizens for placing their trust in his administration, adding, “No-confidence motions have proven to be always lucky for us, and this one will also ensure we return with record-breaking mandate.”

On Tuesday, Congress member for the Lok Sabha Gaurav Gogoi started the no-confidence discussion by claiming that Manipur was the reason the opposition submitted this resolution. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the no-confidence resolution brought forth by the opposition today, capping off a three-day discussion on the matter.

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