PM Modi Requests Followers to Drop ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ Slogan from Social Media Handles

Modi Ka Parivar

PM Modi Requests Followers to Drop ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ Slogan from Social Media Handles

Modi Ka Parivar
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed gratitude to the people of India for their unwavering support in the recent Lok Sabha elections and requested them to remove the ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ slogan from their social media profiles. This appeal was made on Tuesday, following the BJP’s significant victory in the polls.

Taking to the microblogging platform X, PM Modi stated, “Through the election campaign, people across India added ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ to their social media as a mark of affection towards me. I derived a lot of strength from it. The people of India have given the NDA a majority for the third consecutive time, a record of sorts, and have given us the mandate to keep working for the betterment of our nation.”

Modi emphasized the message of unity that the slogan conveyed, saying, “With the message of all of us being one family having been effectively conveyed, I would once again thank the people of India and request that you may now remove ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ from your social media properties. The display name may change, but our bond as one Parivar striving for India’s progress remains strong and unbroken.”

The slogan ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ gained prominence in March when PM Modi, during a public meeting in Telangana’s Adilabad, responded to a remark by Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad Yadav. Yadav had commented that the Prime Minister “does not have a family of his own.” In response, Modi declared, “The entire nation is saying in one voice today, ‘main hu Modi ka Parivar’ (I am Modi’s family).”

Following this, many supporters and top BJP leaders, including Union Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president JP Nadda, adopted the ‘Modi Ka Parivar’ slogan on their X handles, showcasing their solidarity with the Prime Minister.

The call for unity and collective progress has been a recurring theme in Modi’s leadership. The overwhelming support in the Lok Sabha polls, giving the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) a majority for the third consecutive time, underscores the widespread approval of his governance and vision for the nation.

By requesting the removal of the slogan from social media, Modi aims to reinforce that the sentiment behind it—the idea of national unity and shared progress—remains unchanged. The gesture is intended to acknowledge the affection and support of his followers while moving forward with a collective focus on India’s development.

The Prime Minister’s appeal reflects his commitment to fostering a sense of national unity and family, transcending individual expressions on social media. As India moves forward, Modi’s message is clear: the bond between the people and their leaders is strong, and together, they will strive for the nation’s progress and prosperity.

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