Rahul Gandhi Takes “Supari” Swipe At Himanta Sarma During Assam Yatra

Rahul Gandhi Takes “Supari” Swipe At Himanta Sarma During Assam Yatra

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Rahul Gandhi challenged the BJP-ruled state to file “as many cases as they can” on Wednesday, a day after Guwahati Police filed a case against him and other Congress leaders for allegedly inciting a crowd. Despite this, Gandhi said he would not be intimidated.

The Congress leader attacked Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma during his first public speech on the seventh day of the ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ in the Barpeta district. He called Sarma the “most corrupt Chief Minister” in the nation and brought up a number of accusations pertaining to land and areca nut.

“I don’t know how Himanta Biswa Sarma got the idea that he can intimidate me by filing cases. File as many cases as you can. File 25 more cases, you can’t intimidate me. BJP-RSS can’t intimidate me”, he added.

Suo motu, the Guwahati Police filed a formal complaint on Tuesday for wanton acts of violence in the state capital against Mr. Gandhi and other leaders.

“The Assamese language, culture, and history are to be eradicated by the BJP-RSS. We will not allow them to govern Assam out of Nagpur. Mr. Gandhi declared, “Assam will be run from Assam only.”

According to the Congress leader, there is widespread corruption in Assam, and Mr. Sarma is the “most corrupt Chief Minister” in the nation.

“While he (Sarma) speaks to you, he steals your land. While you chew betel nut, he corners the supari business. He has taken land in Kaziranga National Park also”, Mr Gandhi said.

The Congress MP also alleged that the hearts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and  Mr Sarma are “filled with hatred”.

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