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Chandrayaan-3: Sudarsan Pattnaik Wishes ISRO Luck For Space Mission With Sand Art

In order to wish the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) well with its most recent space mission — its third moon lander, Chandrayaan-3, which is scheduled to launch from Sriharikota later on Friday — Sudarsan Pattnaik, an internationally known sand artist from Odisha, has released his most recent artwork.

On Thursday, Mr. Pattnaik installed 500 steel bowls and dishes with the message “Vijayee Bhava” (Be Victorious) at Puri Beach in Odisha as part of his 22-foot-long Chandrayaan 3 sand sculpture.

The countdown for Chandrayaan-3, India’s third lunar exploration mission, started on Thursday at 14:35:17 IST ahead of its planned launch on Friday from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. Chandrayaan-3 would make India just the fourth nation to land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon.

The GSLV Mark 3 (LVM 3) heavy-lift launch vehicle will carry the spacecraft into orbit.

This will be an opportunity for ISRO to atone for the failure of its earlier Chandrayaan-2 mission in 2019 due to unforeseen difficulties encountered during its attempt at a gentle landing.

The ISRO has finished its ‘Launch Rehearsal’, which simulated the complete launch preparation and process.

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