“Kallakkadal Phenomenon” Threatens Kerala, Tamil Nadu Coastlines

“Kallakkadal Phenomenon” Threatens Kerala, Tamil Nadu Coastlines

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A central agency has issued alerts to fishermen and coastal residents in response to the “kallakkadal phenomenon,” which is the sudden swell of the seas causing rough waves, which is expected to occur throughout the entire coastal areas of Kerala and the southern coastal parts of Tamil Nadu until 11.30 pm on Monday.
As per the directives of the authorities, avoid the danger zone areas as the choppy seas are expected to worsen, says the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS).

The nation’s weather advisory organization, INCOIS, advised people to moor their fishing boats safely in the harbor.

“Keeping a safe distance between boats can avoid the risk of collision. The safety of fishing equipment should be ensured,” it said in a statement here.

INCOIS also advised people to avoid trips to the beach and activities at sea completely.

The term ‘kallakkadal’ literally means a sea which comes suddenly like a thief.

INCOIS has said that the swell surge is the result of strong winds in the southern part of the Indian Ocean at certain times occurring suddenly without any particular indications or warning, hence the name “kallakkadal.” 

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