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Army Opens Fire At Pak Drones Spotted Near Border In Jammu And Kashmir

According to officials, Pakistani quadcopters were shot down by army troops manning the Line of Control (LoC) on Friday at two separate locations in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir.
But they said that after briefly circling over Indian territory in the Balnoi-Mendhar and Gulpur sectors, the flying objects returned to the Pakistani side.

They claimed that a search operation was started in both sectors to make sure the quadcopters weren’t dropping any weapons or drugs.

Around 630 am, according to officials, soldiers fired upon seeing two quadcopters fly into the Mendhar neighborhood called Balnoi. However, the remotely operated vehicles quickly took flight again.

In a similar vein, they claimed that two quadcopters that were circling over the Gulpur area at the same time returned when Indian troops opened fire.

Army troops had fired on an enemy drone earlier on February 12 after spotting its movement in the Mendhar sector’s Mankote area.

Drones are being used by Pakistan to drop weapons and drugs in Jammu and Kashmir.

A ₹three lakh cash reward has been offered by the Jammu and Kashmir Police to anyone who can provide information regarding drones that are flown from across the border with the intention of dropping drugs and weapons.

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