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Naturopath and PhD nutritionist Dr. Ilana Rogel is nominated for the Royal Business Summit 2024, which is being organised in New York by Art 4 Peace Awards.

Dr Ilana Rogel, Naturopath, PhD Nutrition

Dr. Ilana Rogel is a practitioner and a researcher focusing on the mind-body connection and in particular the impact of nutrition and psychological factors on the physical body and chronic diseases. Ms Rogel is a sought-after practitioner working directly with patients to achieve healing, and her clinic has had a waiting list of 6 months for the last 15 years. Ms Rogel also teaches courses in the Migdalor (“Lighthouse”) Center, a educational center she has founded which focuses on training the next generation of practitioners, across a range of medical & healing modalities, with the knowledge and tools to enable them to help people achieve true healing from chronic disease.

For the past 5 years, Ms Rogel has been working on a cure for neurodegenerative diseases, focusing on Alzheimer’s, but applicable to certain other conditions as well, including potentially Parkinson’s, ALS and MS. The drug’s mechanism of action (MOA) is based on novel understanding of melanin and melanin-like molecules and their potential applications. The project has advanced and is on the cusp of in-vitro proof for the MOA. Ms Rogel will present her groundbreaking project – the research, roadmap, and implications.

During the last 19 years as part of her research, Ilana has published 9 volumes of encyclopedias, including 5 volumes on the brain.

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