Agrima Graced Astroworld 2024 as Distinguished Eminent Speaker

Agrima Graced Astroworld 2024 as Distinguished Eminent Speaker

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The Astroworld Conclave 2024, a grand celebration of the exemplary contributions made by astrologers, palmists, numerologists, tarot card readers, gemologists, graphologists, fortunologists, nameologists, and other esteemed professionals in the astrological and social domain, took place on January 6th at the prestigious India International Centre in New Delhi.

Gathering distinguished personalities from both the astrology field and broader society, the ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge and pay tribute to the remarkable achievements of these individuals. The meticulously organized event was orchestrated by Fame Finders Media, a renowned PR agency based in Delhi known for its expertise in curating impactful and memorable events.

Agrima has been invited as the Eminent Speaker at the event. She has more than 4 years of experience in this field. She has expertise in tarot reading, numerology, and graphology. She is a good consultant as well as her predictions go strong for her clients. She is a good healer. She understands before you explain and heals you before it gives you pain. She gives solutions for love marriage, breakup, government job, career & business, marriage problems, abroad, etc.

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