Dietician Meenakshi Anupam Graced Astroworld 2024 as Distinguished Eminent Speaker

Dietician Meenakshi Anupam Graced Astroworld 2024 as Distinguished Eminent Speaker

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The Astroworld Conclave 2024, a grand celebration of the exemplary contributions made by astrologers, palmists, numerologists, tarot card readers, gemologists, graphologists, fortunologists, nameologists, and other esteemed professionals in the astrological and social domain, took place on January 6th at the prestigious India International Centre in New Delhi.

Gathering distinguished personalities from both the astrology field and broader society, the ceremony served as a platform to acknowledge and pay tribute to the remarkable achievements of these individuals. The meticulously organized event was orchestrated by Fame Finders Media, a renowned PR agency based in Delhi known for its expertise in curating impactful and memorable events.

Meenakshi Anupam has been the eminent speaker at the event. She is a Dietician with the education of M.Sc. Dietetics and food service management, Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education, INFS Nutrition and Fitness Consultant, Certification in Lifestyle management.

She has more than 10 Years of experience as a Dietician in hospitals and online diet consultation. Expertise in handling the patients entailing planning of the diet charts & lifestyle management. Successfully helped almost 1000+ clients with their Weight Management, and clinical issues like diabetes, gestational diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, etc.

She also helps in reversing and managing diabetes, thyroid, and hormonal imbalances like pcod issues, 
 She believes “all foods fit” into a healthy lifestyle of moderation and movement.

She is on a mission to eradicate myths, create awareness, and make a nation medicine-free. Treating every individual mentally and physically with nature’s blessings. To be a world where there is no patient but will be a dieter, where every disease will be prevented/cured through diets, not medicines.
” Mujhe pta hai ki mera mission ek din ka nahi hai, Pr kisi ek din jarur pura hoga.”

A competent administrator with nearly 10 Years of experience as a Dietician. The Principle followed is no starvation but to increase the metabolism and effectively utilize insulin produced by your body. Following these principles, metabolic disorders such as Obesity, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and thyroid can be considerably reduced or eliminated. She has designed diets to keep people satiated and free of cravings.

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