Building Together- PANKH Society’s Clean Village Initiative

Building Together- PANKH Society’s Clean Village Initiative

World Population Day

The PANKH Society, committed to fostering community development, has embarked on a laudable initiative in collaboration with local authorities. With the support of the HCL Foundation, they have launched the “Jan-Jaagrukta-Jan Bhaagidaari Swacchh Gaanv Swasth Gaanv Abhiyan” (Public Awareness and Participation Clean Village Healthy Village Campaign).

Aarti Thapa, the founder of PANKH Society, emphasized the organization’s active involvement in the Swachh Noida & Greater Noida campaign, working closely with local administrations and communities. The program focuses on strengthening systems, promoting source-level segregation, enhancing community engagement, and establishing monitoring mechanisms to support sanitation workers and engage the community effectively. Participation from all segments of society is encouraged, with the overarching goal of fostering cleanliness and improving community health.

Driven by the PANKH Society, this mission underscores a collective endeavor towards achieving a cleaner and healthier environment for all residents, contributing to the Clean Noida and Clean Greater Noida initiatives. Through robust involvement and collaboration, the society aims to establish a model for sustainable development and community welfare in the region.

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