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Mr. Manish Naidu to Inspire as Eminent Speaker at Global Research Conference

A leading name in the Indian education sector, Mr. Manish Naidu is the esteemed founder of Brainwonders- India’s largest counselling organisation. Over the past decade, his determination and vision has expanded it to 110 global centres and more than 1200 connected schools. He has been revolutionising the face of academic guidance, career development and personal growth via its US Patented DMIT and Online Psychometric Tests.

He has in fact, transformed many lives of all age groups and has thus become a pioneer in the ed-tech segment. Over the past decade, Brainwonders has been nationally awarded on 67 different platforms including recognition for being the most trusted and digitally innovative career counselling company. Excellence and passion is what Mr Manish Naidu strives for- and that is exactly what has made him and his works a global success.

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