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Press Release on the Alarming Situation in Haiti By Jude Elie

In the midst of the tumult currently shaking Haiti, it is undeniable that speeches are coming from all sides, both inside and outside. But have we, Haitians, leaders, political and civil society leaders, intellectuals and others, really taken the time to listen to each other?

This is the crucial question that must be answered concisely if we sincerely want to find a way out. I am Jude Elie, a Haitian citizen. I have no pretensions to giving lessons. My approach is completely different. Because we are all, including myself, responsible at different levels for this chaotic situation which, I fear, only marks the beginning of a series of crises within a crisis, if rational and patriotic measures are not taken. taken.

Democracy is, without a doubt, our only weapon against this devastating anarchy. A democracyadapted to our culture and our reality as a people. The people must choose their leaders, not the gangs, most of whom are also victims.

Victims of the very people who entrusted them with an
illegal weapon and orchestrated destructive missions, whether against political opponents, commercial competitors or others. Nor can the country be led by the international community,
which too often errs and fails, even in its laudable intentions.

Therefore, we must simply apply the Haitian constitution to restore legal order, establish peace and promote the development of the country. However, given the daily worsening of the situation and the suffering endured by the population, external assistance is always welcome. Because for
the moment, democracy cannot reestablish itself.

With sincere and serious support from the international community, we will be able to restore order more quickly and quickly organize presidential elections and the renewal of the chambers.

At the appropriate time, I will present my political options to the people, which will focus on security, economic liberalism, and social progress.

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