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Official Book Launch: “If you create the dream, God will give you the wings” by Violeta Martin

Today marks the official launch of an inspiring new book –  If You Create the Dream, God Will Give You the Wings, authored by Violeta Martin. With profound excitement, Martin invites readers on a transformative journey, sharing personal experiences, insights into the divine, and the miraculous signs that have shaped her life.

In this must-read book, Martin delves into the universal quest for purpose and the realization of dreams. She explores the inherent connection between our individual aspirations and a higher calling, urging readers to recognize the significance of divine intervention in their lives. The book not only reflects on Martin’s personal relationship with God but also serves as a guide for others to discover their own divine purpose.

Violeta Martin’s book is a heartfelt exploration of the divine and a call to action for readers to tap into their own spiritual channels. It serves as a reminder that each life is a piece of a greater puzzle, and through understanding and embracing our divine purpose, we contribute to the fulfillment of God’s will.

The book is available for purchase at Amazon. Grab a copy Now!

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