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“She Was Unemployed, Stressed”: Family Of Lok Sabha Security Breach Accused

According to her relatives, one of the four protestors detained for breaching parliament’s security was depressed since she didn’t have a job. Yesterday at Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, two individuals, Sagar Sharma and D Manoranjan, sprang from the visitors’ gallery and into the chamber, causing shocking scenes to be seen. One of them tried to get to the Speaker’s Chair by opening a yellow smoke canister and jumping from desk to desk.

Neelam Azad and Amol Shinde, two other demonstrators, were observed discharging color smoke from an aerosol canister on a road outside the Parliament. According to Neelam’s family, she passed the central exams required to be hired as a teacher and finished the M.Phil. research program.

“She has a lot of qualifications, but she wasn’t being hired. Her mother Saraswati told reporters that her mother was so stressed out by this that she would frequently say things like, “I should just die because I am unable to earn two meals despite studying so much.”

Ramniwas, Neelam’s brother, informed reporters that he learned about the incident through a family member who called him to check the TV.

She does not belong to any political party and attends school in Hisar. She didn’t tell us why she did it. We won’t know until we get to meet her. One of our brothers called to let us know about the situation. Just two days ago, she returned home,” Ramniwas said to the press.

He added that Neelam could not find work in Hisar and had traveled to Jind, Haryana, to be ready for competitive exams.

“She was still jobless despite having earned her BA, MA, M. Phil, and NET clearance. She was getting ready for the Secondary Teachers Eligibility Test when she moved to Jind six months ago, he claimed.

According to Ramniwas, she has frequently brought up the subject of unemployment during protests. She also took part in the year-long farmers protest near Delhi demanding the repeal of three farm bills.

Manoranjan’s father, Devaraje Gowda, said if his son has done anything wrong, he should be “hanged”. “The parliament is ours… Many people have built that temple, from Mahatma Gandhi and to Jawaharlal Nehru… It is not acceptable for someone to behave like this with the temple, even if it is my son,” Mr Gowda said.

The Lucknow resident, Sagar Sharma, has four members in his family, including him. He rides an e-rickshaw for a living. His family said he told them that he would be going to Delhi for two days to join a protest.

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