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Drug Body’s Big Charge After Maharashtra Hospital Deaths: “Only 12 Orders Placed”

A drug’s body claimed that after 31 patients died in a span of 48 hours at a state facility, not enough orders were put to satisfy the demand for medicine by government hospitals in Maharashtra.
According to a local report by NDTV, a lack of medications was a contributing factor in the hospital horror in Nanded. Eknath Shinde, the chief minister, refuted claims that there were staff and medication shortages.

According to Abhay Pandey, President of All Food and Drug Licence Holders Foundation, Haffkine Biopharmaceutical, which provides medications to government facilities, placed only 10 to 12 orders this year as opposed to the usual annual average of up to 2,000 orders to provide medications to medical schools and government hospitals.

This demonstrates that there was a medication deficit in medical schools and public hospitals, according to Mr. Pandey, who also noted that Haffkine is in charge of satisfying 70% of the medication demands.

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