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In Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh, a medical student commits suicide after “breaking up”

According to authorities, a 24-year-old female medical student hanged herself on Thursday from the ceiling fan in her dorm room.
They said that Divya Jyoti was a third-year MBBS student from the Kannauj district.

She shared a rental home with her pals in the Surya Enclave neighbourhood of Modinagar town, according to the police.

“Jyoti’s room was closed when her hostel roommates visited it in the afternoon. She didn’t answer when they repeatedly banged on the door. They contacted her cell phone, but there was no answer, according to DCP Ravi Kumar, the deputy commissioner of police.

Her companions alerted the landlord, Manoj Kumar, right away, and he busted open the room’s back door to get inside. Jyoti was discovered to be hanging from the ceiling fan, the officer claimed.

The woman killed herself, according to a suicide note discovered in her chamber, after breaking up with her lover.

According to the DCP, police have submitted the deceased for a post-mortem and are looking into the situation.

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