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Father and son died while attempting to save livestock from flood during Cyclone Biparjoy

A father and son goat-rearing team lost their lives on Thursday while attempting to rescue their goats that had become trapped in a flooded gully in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat as Cyclone Biparjoy brought severe rainfall to many areas of the state.
On Thursday, heavy rain fell in a number of locations in Gujarat, including Bhavnagar, as the storm made landfall in the Kutch area.

Water began pouring in a ravine that passes through the village of Bhandar near the town of Sihor after a period of rain since the morning, according to Mamlatdar (revenue official) S N Vala.

“A herd of goats became stranded in the ravine as a result of the rapid inflow of water. Ramji Parmar, 55, and his son Rakesh Parmar, 22, entered the ravine to save the animals. They were nevertheless lost in the ocean. They also lost 22 goats and a sheep, Mr. Vala said, adding that their remains were found in a distant body of water.

Otherwise, no cyclone-related deaths were reported in the state, according to officials.

There were no reports of fatalities in the Kutch district, which was the area most severely affected, according to collector Amit Arora.

“No one died in Kutch as of yet owing to any mishap associated to the cyclone because to the enormous evacuation we had carried out beforehand. Winds gusting at about 80 kilometres per hour caused several trees and electric poles to be uprooted, he said.

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