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Police arrest a professor for harassing a female passenger on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

According to an official on Friday, police have detained a 47-year-old professor for allegedly sexually harassing a female doctor on a trip from Delhi to Mumbai.
According to him, the event happened on Wednesday.

On the flight, which departed from Delhi at 5.30 am, the accused and the 24-year-old victim were sitting next to each other, according to a police official.

According to the woman doctor’s accusation, the accused grabbed her improperly before the plane was set to touch down at the Mumbai airport, he added.

When a dispute erupted between the two passengers, the victim alerted the flight’s crew, who then intervened. He claimed that they rushed to Sahar police station after the plane touched down at the Mumbai airport.

According to the police official, a case of sexual harassment was filed against the professor based on the victim’s accusation, and he was detained.

He stated that an investigation was ongoing and that the accused was brought before a judge, which granted him bail.

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