Rahul Gandhi Donates Money To Congress’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Rahul Gandhi Donates Money To Congress’s Crowdfunding Campaign

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On Tuesday, Congressman Rahul Gandhi made a donation to his party’s crowdsourcing campaign, citing it as his gift for a “harmonious and progressive” India.
“I implore everyone to contribute and join the effort to preserve India’s soul. http://donateinc.in “In a post on X, Mr Gandhi stated.

In addition, he uploaded a video of himself supporting the “Donate for Desh” initiative. Gandhi, Mr. The former head of Congress did not, however, reveal the total amount he had donated.

Mr. Gandhi enquired about the amount of money that the Congress party would raise from Treasurer Ajay Maken.

Mr. Maken stated that although there isn’t a set goal, the sum will be more than anticipated.

Mr. Maken responded to Mr. Gandhi by saying that they had calculated the funds collected state-wise but not organization-wise when he asked which organization was contributing the most.

“The Mahila Congress, the Youth Congress, and the National Students’ Union of India ought to follow suit. Mr. Gandhi stated that the All India Professional Congress ought to lead the pack in terms of contributions.

Mr. Maken informed the outgoing party chief that Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra have contributed the most to the campaign thus far.

On Monday, the Congress launched its “Donate for Desh” crowdsourcing campaign, with the first donation coming from party leader Mallikarjun Kharge.

Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), gave the party ₹ 1.38 lakh as a campaign contribution.

“I gave ₹ 1,38,000 today to help create a progressive country.

“At a time when politics is dominated by (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi’s electoral bonds, I urge all believers in the value of a liberal, open, diverse, secular, scientific temper-driven democracy to donate to the 138-year-old Congress party — to protect and preserve the values of the freedom movement and our Constitution,” Mr. Ramesh stated on X.

Mr. Maken also provided information about the contributions that the campaign has already received.

He wrote in a post on X, “It’s 9 AM this morning. 1.45 crore was raised in total. Sincere gratitude to each and every donor. Your contributions bolster our resolve to create an inclusive India and give voice to the impoverished.”Top donor states to date: An acknowledgement! Maharashtra remains the front-runner. Uttar Pradesh ascends to the third spot, trailed by Delhi.

The lead is Maharashtra, with ₹ 30.605 lakh. Rajasthan comes next with ₹12.981 lakh. 10.898 lakh in Uttar Pradesh. Delhi: INR 10,589,00. Karnataka: 1.0513 lakh rupees. Continue the momentum,” Mr. Maken posted on the microblogging site.

Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha election, the Congress declared that it will raise funds for the party through a national crowdfunding campaign.

All Indians who are over the age of eighteen may contribute to the campaign with a minimum donation of ₹ 138 or in multiples of 138, e.g., ₹ 1,380, ₹ 13,800, and so forth.

The party claimed that the crowdfunding project drew inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s legendary “Tilak Swaraj Fund,” which was established in 1920–21, more than a century ago.

The project seeks to provide the party more influence in building a prosperous and equally distributed India.

The opposition party was targeted by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which claimed it was “another attempt to siphon off public money and enrich the Gandhis” and cited a recent record cash seizure made during raids by the income-tax department against a business connected to a Congress MP.

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